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Relevant Factors News On Shopping Centres

Feb 15

The latest Shopping Centre News is the authoritative publication of the shopping centre industry in India and is set to serve as a bridge between the retail community and developers. Its readers include leasing managers, architects, CEOs, and marketing managers. It is a unique and essential resource for anyone interested in shopping centres. Its mission is to provide the latest developments in the industry and keep the debate on global benchmarks focused on the shopping centre industry.

The latest shopping centre news focuses on the growing trend of mixed-use developments. Some major shopping centres have already begun experimenting with this concept, including apartment towers atop the centres, and council facilities such as childcare and gyms. This type of development is far more convenient for shoppers and is a good way to make the most of a shopping mall. However, some retailers are concerned that mixed-use development could lead to a drop in footfall and sales.

Some shopping centres have gone from focusing on products to integrating external dining spaces, food halls, and entertainment precincts. According to the latest figures, food and beverage now constitute two to four per cent of leasable space in Sydney and 30 per cent in overseas markets. Despite this trend, traditional retailers such as department stores and hypermarkets are reducing the number of physical outlets in their stores. With the uncertainty and high cost of operating a large retail centre, a new tenant will be needed to keep it afloat.

When designing a shopping centre, one of the most important factors is car-parking facilities. The number of parking spaces required depends on the size of the centre and the type of tenants that are expected to use it. An average ratio of 5.5 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of leasable space is considered adequate. Ample and easy-to-use access to the car park is also crucial to prevent traffic jams. Separate levels of parking lots are also helpful in steep sites.

Ease of parking is another major factor that can attract customers to a shopping centre. The centre needs to offer plenty of spaces and a smooth experience for visitors.