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PEMF Therapy Horses Certification

Apr 22

When a new type of therapy or treatment is introduced to the horse world, it's often met with skepticism. That's why Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy for horses has taken some time to catch on. But today, it's no longer considered too odd or eccentric. It's becoming standard practice among serious horse trainers and equine vets, especially for those who got PEMF therapy horses certification.

The large number of studies that have been done on PEMF therapy for horses—and the fact that it's approved by the FDA for treating several conditions in humans and animals—is part of what's making more and more people open their minds to this therapy as a legitimate option for their horses.

So what exactly is PEMF therapy? What are its benefits? What is PEMF equine certification?

What Is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF stands for "pulsed electromagnetic field" therapy. It's a technique that delivers pulsed, varying electromagnetic fields to horses with the goal of improving their health and quality of life.

The way it works is relatively simple: a medical device delivers an electric current through your horse's body using a coil, which transmits pulses of electromagnetism. These electromagnetic fields stimulate cellular activity and help your horse's cells regulate themselves in a more proper and healthy manner.

In layman's terms, PEMF therapy works by sending low-frequency electrical impulses into your horse's body, which improves circulation throughout the entire body (including deep tissue). This helps oxygenate the blood flowing throughout your horse's body and deliver nutrients to all cells, including damaged ones. PEMF therapy also triggers the release of natural biochemicals in your horse's body that can be used to promote healing and provide relief from pain.

In horses, the benefits of PEMF include:

-Increased circulation to wounds, which improves healing by providing extra oxygen and nutrients

-Reduced inflammation caused by arthritis or other injuries

-Increased bone strength

-Improved muscle function

-Decreased scarring after surgery


What is PEMF Equine Certification?

In order to provide PEMF therapy for horses, practitioners must obtain PEMF Equine Certification. PEMF Equine Certification requires completing a specific training program and passing an exam. Once certified, practitioners can offer PEMF therapy to their equine patients. 

The AOPP is a professional association that promotes the PEMF industry. They provide opportunities for individuals and businesses to unite, and educate themselves in more ways than one might think possible through their certification programs such as PEMF equine certification or continuing education classes like equine concepts offered on behalf of members at all levels!  As an industry-leading organization, our mission is to unite the power of professionals within this space. Interested in PEMF therapy horses certification?  Join them and stay updated on all things PEMF! Interested in all things related to PEMF? Visit the AOPP website at  or call them at (844) 831-7363 if you have any questions.