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West Palm Beach Detox Center Receives Praise from Families

May 10

Addiction Treatment & Detox Center in West Palm Beach, FL

Addiction specialists know that addiction-related disorders can be extremely difficult to overcome. However, many people achieve success through effective treatments that are based on research and offer compassionate support and specialized medical care. The first time a patient visits an addiction treatment center might not be the one that leads to long-term sobriety. Yet, excellent alcohol and drug detox facilities including 1 Solution Detox will help patients prepare physically and emotionally for a long-term recovery that allows to live a healthy life and well-being.

Unsuccessful Rehab Treatments in Palm Beach County

Valerie R. recently sent her son to 1 Solution Detox in West Palm Beach, FL after several failed attempts to be sober in other drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. He was suffering from addiction issues for a long time, and it took a an impact on her mental well-being. She was worried about his drinking or using drugs and was also concerned about him being in these treatment centers. She was dissatisfied with the absence of transparency and transparency offered by the staff at the treatment centers.

Her experience in 1 Solution Detox was unlike the prior experiences. In the 5 star Google evaluation, Valerie said: "I have had to deal with a lot of detox/rehabs within the Broward and Palm Beach areas. There are some who appear to be caring (a small amount) and others who are more concerned about money, or none at all. It was all terrifying and frustrating. It was depressing, frustrating, and stressful. Then my child started going for one Solution Detox."

She also praised the staff for being accessible to her throughout the duration of her son's stay in treatment, and pointed that when she called in panic at 11:30 a.m. the next night, staff members were there to help her. She ended her remarks with the words: "These folks went above and beyond to help our family and will be there for you. Get it from a mother and put them in a area where they're loved to give you confidence in your decision-making."

A chronic disease of Relapse

It is reported that the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says in a paper about the effectiveness of drug addiction treatmentthat "The persistent character of this disease indicates that relapses to substance abuse is not just possible, but also probable, with symptom rate of recurrence similar to that for other chronic medical ailments, like hypertension, diabetes, and asthma, which also have physical and psychological components." However they also mention that, just like other chronic illnesses addiction can be treated by efficient treatment.

Holistic Medical Detoxification in West Palm

While Valerie definitely appreciated the aspect of family involvement in this substance abuse treatment from the West Palm Beach detox center her son also benefited from it. When inquired about the program program director Brian Hoffman, MA, RMHCI explained, "What makes our treatment program so effective is that we attempt to take care of patients from a whole view. This means that even though we are focused on helping our patients physically, mentally and emotionally, we seek to assist them in repairing their connections and increase their social well-being. We believe that this will give our patients a greater chances of not relapsing when they quit treatment."

1 Solution Detox

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