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Why We Do What We Do | TED Talks Part 5

Jul 12

My three decisions gave me a different path. I said focus on their food but a concept. Second, but this is what changed my life. That's what shaped me as a human being somebody's gift. I don't know who it is. They're not asking for others to give our family food and looking out for us. It made me believe this. What does it mean that strangers care? And what that made me decide is the strangers care about me and my family. I care about them. What am I gonna do I'm gonna I'm gonna do something make a difference. So when I was 17 I went out one day and Thanksgiving it was my target for years have enough money for you to family's most fun thing I ever did in my life most moving. The next year I did four I didn't know anybody was doing next year eight. I wasn't doing for brownie points. But after eight I could use some help. So sure enough, I went out and what did I do? I got my friends involved my group companies, 11 companies. I built the foundation. Now 18 years later, I'm proud to tell you last year we've had 2 million people in 35 countries through our foundation, all during the holidays, Thanksgiving Christmas in all different countries around. So I don't tell you not to brag, because I'm proud of human beings, because they get excited to contribute once they'd have the chance to experience it not talk about it.

 So finally I'm about out of time for the target that shapes you. Here's what's different about people we have the same needs but are you a certainty freak Is that what you value most or uncertainty? This man here couldn't be a certainty freak if you climb those caves. Are you driven by significance or love? We all need all six but whatever your lead system is tilt you in a different direction. And as you move in a direction you have a destination or destiny. The second piece is the map. Think of that as the operating system tells you how to get there and some people's map is I'm going to save lives even if I die for other people and they're firemen. Somebody else's I'm going to kill people to do it. They're trying to meet the same needs of significance

They want to honor God or honor their family, but they have a different map. And there are seven different beliefs you can't go through them because I'm done. The last piece is an emotion I said one of the parts of the map was like time, some people's idea of a long time is 100 years. Somebody else says is three seconds which is what I have. And the last one I've already mentioned that felt you if you got a target and you got a map and let's say I can't use Google because I love maps and they haven't made it good for maps yet. 

So if you use Mapquest you use this thing and you don't get there. Well imagine if your beliefs guarantee you can never get to where you want to go. Last thing is emotion. Now here's what I'll tell you about emotion. There are 6000 emotions that we all have words for in the English language which is a linguistic representation, right it changes my language. But if your dominant emotions if I had more time I have 20,000 people or 1000 and I haven't write down all the emotions that they experienced that average week. And again as long as they need and on one side they're right empowering emotions, the others disempowering Guess how many emotions people experience less than 12 and a half of those make them feel like so they got five or six good freakin feelings. 

Right? It's like they feel happy, happy, excited, frustrated, frustrated, overwhelmed, and depressed. How many of you know somebody who no matter what happens finds a way to get best off and we know somebody like this. Or no matter what happens, no matter what happens, they find a way to be happy or excited. When 911 happened, I'll finish with this. I was in Hawaii. I was with 2000 people from 45 countries. We were translating four languages simultaneously for a program that I was conducting for a week. The night before was called emotional mastery. 

I got up and had no plan for this and I said we got to look at the fireworks I do crazy fun stuff. And then at the end I stop and have this plan I was gonna say but I never do what I'm gonna say. And all of a sudden they said When do people really start to live when they face that? And then what's this whole thing about if you weren't gonna get off this island? If nine days from now you were gonna die? Who would you call? What would you say? What did you do? One woman? Well, that night is when I want to happen. One woman had come to the seminar and when she came there she or her previous boyfriend had been kidnapped and murdered. Her friend or a new boyfriend wanted to marry her and she said no. He said if you leave and go to Hawaii thing, it's over with us. She said it's over. 

When I finished that night she called him and left a message true story at the top of the World Trade Center where he worked, saying, Honey, I love you. I just want you to know I want to marry you it was stupid of me. She was asleep because it was 3am for us when he called her back from the top and said Honey, I can't tell you what this means. He said, I don't have to tell you this, but you give me the greatest gift because I'm gonna die. And she played the recording for us in the room. She was on Larry King word. And he said you're probably wondering how on earth this could happen to you twice and it's and all I can say to you is this must be God's message to you, honey from now on. Every day. Give your all love yourself. Don't let anything ever stop you. She finishes and a man stands up and he says I'm from Pakistan. I'm a Muslim. I'd love to hold your hand and say I'm sorry but frankly, this is retribution. I cancel the rest because I'm out of time.

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