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Concrete Driveway - Cincinnati Concrete Contractors Co

Dec 30

Concrete Driveway - Cincinnati Concrete Contractors Co


A driveway is often the first thing that people notice on their way to your home. It has to appear attractive in order to be a fantastic spot for parking for the day! But you're after that convenience with durability and quality in mind, so don't skimp on materials.


Concrete is among the most suitable materials for driveways. Concrete has numerous advantages, for instance:


  • Durability Concrete is a sturdy constructor that is suitable for driveways. Concrete can withstand both extreme heat and cold, and extreme temperature. It's long-lasting with the proper care. It's a long-lasting surface that can stand up to the long-term test of time.


  • Heat- and Fire-Proof - Concrete is immune to fire and heat. So, you don't have to worry about threatening instances that involve these elements.


  • Safety - In addition to being resistant to fire and heat concrete also reflect light. The reflection of light makes it easier to navigate your driveway even in dim lighting.


  • Affordability - Concrete is generally affordable. It's cost-effective, but the quality is superb. It's about getting what you worth.


  • Simple Maintenance - Concrete driveways are extremely easy to maintain. All you require is a garden hose and Broom and you will be able to eliminate any debris or dirt immediately. If you take care of it your concrete driveway could last for decades.


What We Offer


As a concrete contractor we offer exceptional quality of work. We ensure we will fulfill the work we promised. Our team of professionals is experienced and follows three major processes to give you the highest quality output. This includes:


Making the right measurements


The measurement of your space is crucial for creating a driveway that is suitable for your requirements. Achieving the right measurements helps prevent future issues such as cracks and crumbling. Before starting any concrete driveway job, we assign our team of industry experts to make measurements. To avoid unwanted issues throughout the process. Our team is able to measure the space by square feet on a per-square foot basis.


Construction of the Concrete Driveway Project


This is an essential part of the procedure. Concrete contractors, in general are very cautious when they excavat. It is our goal to dig to the appropriate depth. As a result, this could pose an issue with the quality of our work in the future. Don't worry, all our concrete driveway experts will be there to avoid problems.


Pitch or Grade based on the property


There is the possibility of water becoming a problem if you don't tackle it within the timeframe. To avoid any problems We recommend either pitching or grading, based on our assessment on the properties. Pitching is the method to choose if your driveway slopes are leaning towards the home. However, grading is a good option in all driveways. It's a good idea if you have a driveway is slanting over the long way.


How Do We Do It?


Other than the processes described earlier, as a business that we are, we also follow these steps to help our customers are getting the best quality service:


Step 1: Assessment of the Driveway Site


We begin any concrete driveway job by taking a look at the area of the driveway. This involves assessing the environmental state of the land, in addition to the kind of soil we'll be working on. Sure, knowing the type of soil can be crucial to the entire installation process. In some cases, treatments have to be performed to ensure the highest quality of results. It is also during this procedure that we conduct measurements. We make sure that the surfaces are precise to avoid any issues at the time of, and even after, the construction.


Step 2: Preparation and preparation of the Materials to be Used


The next step we do is to make sure we have the construction materials that required for the concrete driveway project. A complete supply of materials has been proven to ease the process of installation. It reduces a significant amount of installation time. The materials you can choose from are based on the style and if you have your own personal preferences. The type of concrete finish you want may include concrete mix concrete aggregate, asphalt, paving concrete sealer, asphalt sealer, and more.


If you opt for design concrete services, they are perfect for concrete driveways as well as concrete patios, you'll need to choose from various styles, colors, textures and designs. Once you've decided on a color we mix it with the concrete and the result gives your driveway distinctive look.


Step 3: Concrete Driveway Installation


We will immediately begin the driveway's construction and application process as soon as we've finished the preparations. The first step is to remove the debris and trash, and then we can begin fresh. Then, we get to the next essential step of the processpouring the concrete mix. Concrete contractors from our company ensure the mix is uniform and in the proper place.


In this phase homeowners have the ability to select the type of concrete they prefer. You can opt for a smooth or rough finish. If you're wanting a certain colour for the surface, this is the time to decide to do so. This is also when we put in an asphalt driveways if we choose the type of finish you want. After that, we move on through the sealing process with a concrete sealer. The process of concrete sealing that shields your surfaces from damage caused by stains or other stains. It's a protective surface for concrete driveways. It can add value not only to your concrete driveway, but your entire property.


Step 4 3: Clean-up as well as Project Turnover


One of the things which sets us apart from our competitors is leaving every project spotless and ready to use. We make sure to clean rid of construction wastes and debris before we leave the construction site. This allows our concrete specialists for quality assurance, at the same time, making sure our clients are impressed with the work we've put into them. Pressure washing is done using the pressure washer.


As a leading asphalt driveway manufacturer of Cincinnati, OH, we ensure that your concrete driveway is installed correctly. The team of concrete experts completes checks on the quality of the concrete before handing over the driveway. We make sure that the concrete is in good working order as well as able to endure any environmental condition.


Cincinnati Concrete Contractors Co

3431 Telford St, #2, Cincinnati, OH, 45220

(513) 613-2077


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