A Psychologist On The Purpose You Get Antsy Whereas Meditating


“Folks usually say: ‘Effectively, I do not wish to meditate as a result of it makes me nervous,’ or ‘I do not wish to be nonetheless as a result of it makes me nervous.’ No, what you are discovering is how nervous you might be, how jittery you might be.” That means, the observe itself isn’t what’s making you are feeling antsy—you have been already feeling jittery to start with, and meditation is propelling these emotions as much as the floor.

Plus, based on Parker, feeling like you’ll be able to’t sit nonetheless is a possible signal you want that meditation observe. As she tells us, releasing stress and rigidity oftentimes isn’t too fairly. Positive, it’s possible you’ll really feel a way of aid afterward (generally a really tangible bodily launch, as she explains here). However when you’re really within the throes of that inside work? It’s uncomfortable—and that’s a superb signal! It means you’re lastly liberating your physique from all these detrimental feelings. “The work is to be taught to tolerate the discomfort of therapeutic,” she notes. Solely then will you be capable to really calm down. 

So, if meditation seemingly makes you extra anxious, she recommends embracing that discomfort. Sit nonetheless with it, even when it’s for a mere 5 minutes: “If 5 minutes is all you’ll be able to tolerate, that is wonderful,” she says. “Then you’ll be able to lengthen the time. In case you can sit in stillness lengthy sufficient, you’ll start to extend your tolerance for stillness till you’ll be able to attain some extent of coming into deep rest.”