A Room-By-Room Guide To Refreshing Your Home For Spring


What does spring mean to you? What words and visuals do you associate with the new season?

Does your mind go to the blooming of flowers and the sudden warmth in the air or just the return of allergy season? Intuitive counselor and sacred space designer Elana Kilkenny says that any and all spring associations provide valuable information on how you can transition your home into this new time of year.

“Once you come up with those words that make you feel like spring, see how you can funnel some of them into your home’s design,” she recommends. Going room by room, feel into the spaces that have gotten stale, and consider how you can use these words to breathe life back into them.

This spring renewal can be as simple and literal as buying yourself fresh flowers or opening your blinds every morning to let in more sunlight. But it can also be a more nuanced exercise in designing a space that speaks to the person you want to be this season; the version of yourself that you want to reemerge as after winter.

In a season that’s all about new beginnings, any change is valuable. Here, Kilkenny shares a few ways to spring-ify the rooms of your home and have fun doing it.