An Essential Oil Blend To Help You Fall Asleep (& Stay Asleep)


According to Cohen, lavender is definitely a good place to start, and when you pair it with citrus blends, which are simultaneously refreshing and relaxing, you’ve got a great bedtime blend. “My favorite clean, fresh, and light combination is Lavender and Orange Lavender,” she tells mbg, adding, “It’s known for its sedative, anxiety relieving, and calming properties that help your body relax into a restful sleep.”

She explains that a key constituent in lavender, called linalool, helps activate the calming neurotransmitter GABA, which helps calm your mind and body. “Similarly, citrus oils like orange demonstrate strong mood-enhancing and stress-reducing effects that can help calm the mind to support a restful sleep.”

If you’re a fan of more floral scents, and/or you struggle with waking up during the night, Cohen says you can also add eight drops of geranium or rose geranium to this blend. “Geranium is a wonderful oil to help alleviate night waking,” she says, and it has been linked to a significant decrease in blood sugar levels.

Whether you add a few drops to your shower or bath, use it in a diffuser, or simply take a few whiffs before bed, Cohen says this blend is her favorite when it’s time for bed.