Celebrate National Cold Brew Day & Whip Up The Perfect Batch At Home


The type of beans you choose really comes down to your taste. For chocolate notes, Schein suggests a medium roast from Central America. For fruity notes, try light roasted African coffee beans. “The lighter roast will be brighter and maybe not as appealing,” Schein says. “The taste is going to be kind of interesting—maybe you’ll get some fruit and lemon notes.” 

How you steep the grounds can also alter the flavor. There’s no right or wrong way to steep them, but some people choose to leave theirs at room temperature for 12 hours, which will create a bigger mouthfeel with more chocolate notes, according to Schein. Whereas, steeping in the fridge will lead to cleaner and brighter notes. 

It’s really all about preference, though. Try a variety of steeping methods and beans (including decaf, if that’s your thing) until you find your favorite.