How To Interpret North Nodes & South Nodes To Discover Your True Objective


Astrologers use the lunar nodes to find out the place your future lies (north node) and what you had been in previous lifetimes (south node). The nodes change indicators about each 18 months. Individuals born inside your identical lunar node group are like your “soul tribe.” You had been incarnated with them to study the identical classes.

Kabbalah’s astrology focuses totally on the lunar nodes. This method calls the north node your tikkun (“correction”) and views it because the karmic adjustment your soul should make. Vedic astrology calls the nodes the pinnacle (Rahu/north node) and tail (Ketu/south node) of the dragon and takes a harsher view of the south node’s karma.

Word to parents-to-be: you probably have a toddler across the ages of 18-19 or 36-37, you’ll share the identical nodes. And for those who date, marry, or be a part of forces with somebody 9 or 10 years older or youthful than you, there’s likelihood they’ll have the other nodes. (For instance, in case your south node is Virgo and their north node is Virgo). This could be a highly effective however polarizing zodiac compatibility pairing—you’ve each mastered what the opposite one has come right here to study. If you happen to mix your pure expertise, you may be unstoppable.