OSRS Melee Armor for P2P


OSRS has a lot of amazing armor that you can buy with your OSRS GP and equip according to your skill levels. Unlike typical MMORPGs, this game’s armors are simple to get if you have the minimum Defense skill requirements! In this OSRS Melee Armor guide, we’ll lay out what is considered “best” for defensive or offensive situations.

What Armor is Available in P2P?

Even though this may be an MMORPG, it still has some unique features. One of the most iconic aspects in OSRS is having players equip their own gear and fight with what they can find on enemies or through drops from kills against other monsters – there is equipment available that tends towards higher defense levels than attack stats for those who prefer more balanced combat styles.

Best In-slot Defense

With the Theatre of Blood update came along a set of armor that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides excellent protection. This new piece – Justiciar Armor- has a higher defense against melee and range while still being able to provide Prayer bonuses like the barrows gear.

Guardian boots are the best choice if you’re looking for a weapon that is both strong and offers good protection. They come with an amazing boost in defense which is very useful against high-tier OSRS bosses.

The Elysian Spirit Shield is a popular shield for high-level players. It has very high defensive stats and an impressive 85% chance to mitigate 25% of incoming damage, making it perfect when grinding dangerous skilling events or boss fights in Old School RuneScape.

Best In-slot Offense

For maximum strength bonuses, the Bandos Armor Set without boots is your first choice. These OSRS item costs around 50 million GP and isn’t something that most players can afford to buy! If you don’t need those defensive stats as much though there’s another option in place; use Fighter Torso instead which has an equal stat boost just for comparison sake.

The Obsidian armor set is the perfect way to beef up your strength, with a +7 bonus. If you’re looking for affordable but effective gear that won’t break the bank this could be it! The best part of all? It comes in both legs and torso form so there’s plenty available no matter which type suits your needs.

If you’re looking for the best-in-slot strength bonus, go with a Serpentine Helmet. If not and want some cheap crush defense instead, swap it out for Dwarven Helmets.

The best boots you can get are the red Primordial Boots. They have a +5 strength boost, minor offensive accuracy, and impressive defensive stats that make them perfect for any adventurer who wants to be on top of their game.

As for the shield slot in OSRS, you need to decide between the Dragonfire Shield (DFS) and an Averic Defender.

For gloves, the Ferocious Gloves have been proven to be best by players and experts alike. Being easy-to-acquire yet having an amazing strength bonus is why they’ve become so popular to many players.