The Best Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver, CO

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Denver is a city full of many different types of dispensaries. Recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver are popping up left and right, making it hard to choose which one to go with. Which best dispensaries in Denver should you visit? In this article, we will discuss some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver, Co!

Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado. Recreational users must be 21 and older to purchase, possess, and use recreational marijuana. Recreational consumers may only purchase up to one ounce of dried flower or its equivalent at a time from any Denver dispensary statewide. Marijuana purchases for recreational purposes will carry the normal sales tax rate- this totals out to about two and a half percent. Recreational marijuana users can also chose to purchase CBD oils, concentrates such as wax, live resin and rosin for dabbing, edibles (200mg of THC/package), topicals like lotions and balms that are infused with cannabis plants extract or other types of merchandise from best dispensaries in Denver and statewide.

Recreational users can also grow up to six plants at home

Marijuana for recreational use is heavily regulated by the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED). Recreational dispensaries in Denver are subjected to strict regulations and must follow all laws that apply to any other type of retailer in the State of Colorado. Recreational marijuana retailers have their own types of licenses- Recreational Marijuana Operator Licenses and Recreational Marijuana Store Licenses. These licenses are being renewed annually by the Colorado Department of Revenue, Medical Enforcement Division (MED).

Recreational users can purchase up to one ounce or its equivalent at a time from any best Denver dispensary statewide if they are 21 years old or older with valid identification. Those who are under the age of 21 may still purchase marijuana- they just need a state issued red card and must consume it within their home. Recreational users can also grow up to six plants at home for personal use as well.

While a lot has altered in the past year, the Mile High City continues to live up to its reputation as a headquarters for high-quality cannabis products. But, where do you even begin when there are more than 550 Denver dispensaries to choose from? We’ve compiled a list of the top one-stop shops for recreational dispensary in Denver that will take care of all your cannabis needs.

We’ve got you covered if money is tight with the greatest dispo discounts across the city so you can save without skimping (not through your savings). Still concerned about in-person transactions during COVID-19? You’ll discover safety measures organized by area (including plenty of curb and online ordering choices), allowing you to eat with confidence.

Here are the Best Dispensaries in Denver, Co

Diego Pellicer

Diego Pellicer is a retail and medical marijuana dispensary located in the Denver Tech Center. Their recreational cannabis shop offers high-quality products with an extensive menu that includes flower, concentrates, edibles, prerolls and more! Diego Pellicer has been recognized as one of America’s premier cannabis consulting firms specializing in providing consulting services to the emerging legal marijuana industry.

Diego Pellicer Recreational Cannabis Dispensary offers a wide range of strains, edibles and topicals for recreational users looking to find their new favorite product or just trying something new! The Diego Pellicer best dispensaries in Denver is open from Monday to Sunday.

The Chihuly glass work at Diego Pellicer is only one of the stunning aspects of the restaurant. The consumer journey is important at Diego Pellicer, with a strong emphasis on shopping experiences. A brand-new bud bar in the middle of the room showcases more than 30 different exotic and premium strains, as well as special price cuts and hard-to-find items. New customers may also take advantage of the Recreational Marijuana Consultation Desk to connect with an expert who can provide advice on products and strains.

Apothecary Farms

This shop is the perfect place to visit if you are new to using or purchasing marijuana products as their staff takes pride in providing informative and educational services about cannabis products use. Recreational users can purchase pre-rolled joints, flower for vaping, concentrates like wax and live resin. Recreational marijuana consumers will also be happy to know that they offer CBD products as well! Recreational marijuana users are welcome here with open arms!

This concentration-focused hot spot provides high-cannabinoid extracts on a large scale. Apothecary Farms, which specializes in terpene preservation (for all you flavor connoisseurs), employs sophisticated extraction processes including cryocones and climate-controlled transportation. In-house strains including Honey Banana, Blackberry Banana Kush, and Blackberry Skunk are also available. Recreational marijuana consumers will be happy to know that Apothecary Farms offers pre-rolls as well! Recreational users can now purchase their favorite products in a variety of quantities including half ounces, one ounce and two ounces.

High Level Health

High Level Health Recreational Marijuana Dispensary is located at 2900 W Alameda Ave Denver, CO 80223. They offer quality recreational marijuana products and provide a safe environment for those 21 years of age or older to purchase weed in an open-air center with unique art displayed throughout the space.

HLH, a renowned award-winning brand with 112 accolades to its name, offers high-quality flower, concentrates, and vapes. HLH places a premium on client well-being through all-natural growing procedures and attention to detail, which is reflected in its own breeding program.

The Platinum Valley strain, which was bred at High Life, is highly desired. The HLH GG#4 (a non-proprietary strain) has gone through significant in-house development and is popular with recreational and medical users alike. Wyld, Wana, Coda, and Stillwater’s Ripple Dissolvable are commonly available at the Denver dispensary. Recreational customers can purchase up to one ounce of flower, 16 grams of concentrates or edibles (400mg), and 72 oz. liquid tinctures/capsules per day (each containing no more than 1000 mg THC).

Lucy Sky

Lucy Sky Recreational Marijuana Dispensary is located at 400 S. Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80219 and offers a wide range of cannabis products to customers 21 years of age or older. Recreational users can purchase flower in quantities between one-eighth ounce per day up to two ounces per day depending on the strain. Recreational customers can also purchase pre-rolls and vape pens depending on the type of concentrate contained within each product. Try one of their many popular strains like Tangie, Sour Diesel (regular), Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough or Skywalker OG to name a few!

Lucy Sky goes above and beyond to provide a positive customer experience. Education is a priority for this two-outpost business, so communication between the cannabis counselor and client is essential. Green Dot Labs, Soiku Bano, 710 Laboratories, and Dablogic are all available on a regular basis as outsourced product lines. When it comes to the financial side of things, Lucy Sky Recreational Marijuana Dispensary offers a point-of-sale system that provides better customer service. Recreational users can now purchase one ounce per day up to four ounces per day depending on which strain they choose!

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Co.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Co. Recreational Marijuana Dispensary is located at 6895 W Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80214 and can be found right on the corner of Federal Blvd and West Dartmouth Avenue in Lakewood! Recreational marijuana users are welcome here with open arms as this location offers daily deals such as $25 eighths (select strains only), $35 eighths (select strains only) and daily bottle deals, usually priced at around $30 to $50. Recreational users can purchase up to one ounce of flower per day depending on which strain they choose!

Concentrates come in an array of 75 strains, from wax and shatter to live resins and rosins. Dialed In products are produced with rosin and allow you to upgrade your edible experience. Fret not; you will still have access to some amazing deals! Save 15 percent on eighths and larger quantities on Tuesday, BOGO eighths on Wednesdays, 25 percent off select ounces on Sundays and 20 percent of all flower (select strains only) every day! Recreational marijuana users can also benefit from the free gift with purchase program which is available at this location.

About Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors is a resource for those who may benefit from medical marijuana treatment. Recreational users are not the focus of this site, as they cannot receive recommendations. Medical professionals can play an important role in prescribing proper cannabis treatments to patients and providing guidance throughout their course of care. The goal at Medical Marijuana Card Doctors is to provide accurate information with the hope of providing better care. Recreational users are welcome to contact Medical Marijuana Card Doctors for more information, but they will not be able to receive a recommendation by any medical professional.

There is also information available on site regarding legal guidelines of recreational dispensary and medical cannabis in Denver, CO. You can visit or call (720) 787-4909 for more information.

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